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Property Details - 1 West Main St

Address: 1 West Main St
Inventory Num: 20
Location: Southwest Corner at Route 85
Year Built: 1780 - 1820
Builder: Unknown
Style: Federal
Current Use: Residence
National Register of Historic Places(District)1993
Notable Architectural Features:
In this house on June 19, 1798 was held a meeting where The Missionary Society of Connecticut was formed, the oldest missionary society in the United States.
Date [built] (Source) c. 1790 (Heer.); also 1795 Orig Owner Squire Dutton Location South of Green; southwest corner of Routes 85 and 14. Fenestration 12 light sash (original) on part of sides, 2/2 on front; casements have heavy water drips which form the caps. 9 window front. Exterior A well preserved house, with original hip roof of good pitch. The cornice, as usual in Hebron, is plain, with good overhang. Clapboarded sides. Doorway Door has pilasters at either side, with many light toplight. History The Missionary Society of Connecticut was formed here in 1798.
(WPA Architectural Survey - ca. 1935 - # 04)

"... home is an unusual four-square house, with extensions; it has a hip roof, two chimneys and central hall. The double door adds greatly to the dignity and balance of this fine building's facade."
(Hebron, Ct: Hebron Historical Society booklet prepared for America's Bicentennial)