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Hebron Historic Properties Commission

  1. INTENT:It is the intent of this ordinance to promote the educational, cultural, economic and general welfare of the Town of Hebron through the preservation and protection of Historic Properties within the Town; and to preserve and protect its architectural and historical integrity
  2. PURPOSE:The purpose of this ordinance is to carry out the provisions of Section 7-147p through 7-147y of the Connecticut General Statutes concerning historic properties as amended, herein referred to as the Act.
    1. Establishment: An Historic Properties Commission is hereby established which shall have such powers and limitations and perform such functions as shall be prescribed under the General Statutes of Connecticut and as provided in this Ordinance
    2. Composition: The Commission shall consist of five regular members and three alternate members, all of whom shall be electors of the town. All shall serve without compensation.
    3. Terms:The terms of the original members of the Commission shall be such that the term of at least one regular member and one alternate member shall expire each year. Their successors shall be appointed for terms respectively of five years for regular members and three years for alternate members, except that an appointment to fill a vacancy shall be for the duration of the unexpired term
    4. Officers: Within thirty (30) days after appointment of the original members of the Commission, and annually thereafter, the regular members shall meet and elect a chairperson and a secretary.
    5. Appointment: Members shall be appointed within 30 days of the passage of this Ordinance. Appointments shall be made by the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Hebron
    6. Quorums: Three members of the Commission shall constitute a quorum of the transaction of its business or the performance of its functions and the concurring vote of a majority of those constituting a quorum shall be necessary for the adoption of any recommendation, motions, or other acts of the Commission; except that the affirmative vote of at least three members shall be necessary for the approval of a certificate of appropriateness
    7. Designation of Alternates: When a member of the Commission is unavailable to act at a particular time due to absence, sickness, conflict of interest or other good reason, the Chairman shall designate an alternate member to act in place of such member, choosing alternates in rotation so that they shall act as nearly equal a number of times as possible.
    8. Certificate of Appropriateness; Procedures: No building or structure located within the boundaries of an historic property shall be erected or altered until after an application for a certificate of appropriateness as to exterior architectural features has been submitted to and approved by the Historic Properties Commission. Application for such certificates shall be processed in accordance with the requirements of Connecticut General Statutes ยงยง 7-147s through 7-147v, as the same may from time to time be amended. The Commission shall keep a permanent record of its resolutions, transactions and determinations and of the votes of each member participating thereon
    9. Adoption of Rules: The Commission shall adopt rules of procedure which it deems necessary to carry out the intent of section 7-147p through 7-147y of the General Statutes and the intent expressed in Section 1 above. The Commission shall adopt guidelines not inconsistent with the provisions of sections 7-147p through 7-147y, inclusive, to provide guidance to property owners as to factors to be considered in preparing an application for a certificate of appropriateness. Such guidelines shall not be such as to bind the Historic Properties Commission to any uniform or necessarily traditional styles throughout the properties, but shall look both to the protection of the old and to the interest an distinctiveness of this community
    1. Relationship to Other Commissions:The Commission and other Town Commissions and offices whose areas of concern may overlap or affect each other shall maintain liaison for information and coordination in matter with which the Commission may be dealing.
    2. Annual Report:The Commission shall make an annual report of its activities to the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Hebron and the Connecticut Historical Commission
    3. Cooperation and Coordination: The Commission may:
      1. provide information to the property owners and others involving the preservation of the property;
      2. initiate planning and zoning proposals;
      3. cooperate with other regulatory agencies and civic organizations and groups interested in historic preservation;
      4. comment on applications for zoning variances and special exceptions where they affect an Historic Property;
      5. render advice on sidewalk construction and repair, tree planting, street improvements and the erection or alteration of public buildings not otherwise under its control where they affect the Historic Property, and
      6. furnish information and assistance in connection with any capital improvement program involving the Historic Property.
  5. CITIZEN INVOLVEMENT: For the purpose of encouraging the responsiveness, securing the support, and drawing on the resources of the owners of historic properties and other interested residents of the area who are not members of the Historic Properties Commission, and apart from the provision in the Act for formal appeals from the Commission decisions by aggrieved parties, and other than the required public hearings by the Commission upon applications for certificates of appropriateness, the Commission shall hold meetings with said owners and other interested residents when such person makes a written request to the Commission for such meeting to discuss matters of policy or other matters that may be an issue between property owners and the Commission. The Commission shall call meetings, but in formulating policy shall be responsive to the sentiments of the Community insofar as its best judgment suggests and the powers and limitations derived from the General Statutes permit
  6. ENFORCEMENT: regulations and orders of the Commission issued pursuant to the Act or to this Ordinance shall be enforced by the Zoning Enforcement Official.
  9. TERMINATION OF HISTORIC PROPERTY STUDY COMMITTEE: Upon this ordinance becoming effective, the Historic District and Properties Study Committee established March 21, 1989 is terminated.